These are some of the important benefits I got from using OpenWeb to redesign my membership website: They fully assessed my old website and proposed objectives for free, before quoting and starting work. They factored in all the current features and plugins I wanted to keep or suggested new and improved ones. We all worked together as a team and they were happy to communicate by email, phone and video Skype and were very flexible with scheduling meetings to suit me. Due to the complexities of my membership site and requirements, the time needed to build, tweak and test the site need to be increased, though this was done within the original quoted fee. Though the new site was originally set up on their test server, final payment was not required until my new site was transferred, fully tested and operational on a host server of my choice. I now have full operational control of my new site and only require OpenWeb’s technical support and advice if and when required. It did take longer from start to finish than we originally anticipated, though everyone was focused on the best professional end result and it was worth the extra time perfecting it. I recommend you having a chat with them to discuss your needs and expectations.