Affordable Website Design

For small businesses or large businesses, building and maintaining cost effective website, is one of the most important aspects online strategy.

However, with our experience for so many years, we can conclusively say that if you take care of following aspects, then keeping Total cost of online presence down, is not only achievable but simple as well.

Keeping website development costs down

Creating an affordable website design, depends on what technology and content you choose to display on the website. Gone are the days, when websites were being made by using HTML coding. If you use HTML to design your website, It is really hard and time-consuming to make a website responsive, it also becomes hard to maintain the website content and adding additional functionality can become extremely expensive. The solution to make an affordable website design, is to use proven content management system. WordPress content management system, gives you an opportunity, to design affordable websites.


Affordable website design is possible with WordPress you to availability of large number of ready-made themes which can be configured for your website. Being a one content management system, WordPress also offers the opportunity to manage your website content quickly. Most of the WordPress themes are either free or available from $20 to $75. Even if you choose to go for custom WordPress design, it is not at all impossible to create a website at affordable costs, due to availability of large number of WordPress developers. So let us discuss pros and cons of using ready-made WordPress website theme.

Ready-made WordPress website teams offer following features, because of which the overall website design becomes affordable.

1. Ready-made content blocks

All WordPress themes, offer ready-made content blocks. Once you select a team it is up to you to decide which content goes in which content block. You will easily get the idea of your content placement within the website, when you look at the theme demo website, which all developers provide. So even before you place an order to build a website, please make sure you search for WordPress themes which are suitable to your business. But even before you decide to team, the most important aspect of making an affordable website design is to think about, what content exactly will go on your website.

2. Decide content before deciding theme

In any website design project, customisations can double or triple the cost of website development. It is imperative, that you decide to content for your website, even before you decide the theme. You will get a much better understanding, of the content blocks that you will need in your website if you already know what content is going to be on the website.

Questions to ask yourself when you finalise the content:

  1. How customers are going to contact me?
  2. Do I need to show my office location on Google maps?
  3. What products and services I will be showing on my website?
  4. How will I highlight advantages of my products and services on my website?
  5. What information I will publish in the footer of my website ?
  6. Which customers can vouch for my services or products, and will allow me to publish their recommendation for my products and services on the website?
  7. How will showcase projects or work done by me or my company on the website?
  8. Do I need to publish videos on my website?
  9. How and where will I publish special offers on my website?
  10. How product or service description written by me on the website, , will stand out against the competition?

From our experience, once you find out what content needs to go on your website, then it is very easy for you to decide the theme.

Keep Affordable Website Design Simple:

It is very much possible, to make an impact on your audience, by simply having a one page website. The advantages of using a one page website team, is that, these teams are lightweight quick to deliver, and hence certainly can be called as affordable website design. Like weak teams are the teams, which uses the essential parts of WordPress capability to deliver, fully functional website, which works.

Hence, the first step in keeping your website costs down, is to let your website design and no, what content is going to be there on your website.

Any wise a web design company, will ask for the website content first, before they even suggest you the WordPress theme. If at all know are not in a position to define or decide content for your website, you should still contact your website design that is or her can input.

Whether you know the website content or whether you need any kind of free consulting about your website, please do not hesitate to contact us.